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AI firm building technology for complex conversational interfaces (Complex Chatbots), and other stuff like empathic AI, affinity networks, smart virtual community managers or Autonomous Agents inspired in real people's personality.
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Chatbots need to think before they speak

tailor made complex chatbots

We build complex Chatbots,
with brain and personality

Our bots think before speaking. They provide differentiated conversational

experiences, addressing your specific brand characteristics, organizational needs and market approach.



They are goals-oriented, personal and based on robust and realistic technology. Tailor-made by a team of experts in Artificial Intelligence and neuroscience, conversational user experience and business development that will work in a crystal-clear process you will enjoy.

The Method

Target objectives, personality dimensions, language versatility or the customer journey, among others, are taken into consideration. Smart and quick iterations plus with a high level of personalization are our two essential principles.


The Technology

Inverse reasoning, memory, sentiment, multi-language capability,
context or anticipation capability are possible in short development
times, thanks to our framework, robust NLU and NLP and reasoning
engine. Flexible and agile technology used by Commons, our
partners and collaborators.


Industries and organizations

We understand each industry, segment and verticals independently. Please take a look to some industry cases.

use cases, chatbots by us







Our services

Chatbot Development


A deep understanding of the technology panorama and expertise in conversational experiences, along with our techniques and technologies. Boutique Chatbots from scratch.

Design – CUX/CUI


User-centric approach, we can think and plan all the characteristics, requirements and constraints you will need to take into consideration when creating your Chatbot

Architecture and Planning


Analysis and problem identification, conceptual and formal design of the system, architecture design, connectors, third party services and all other critical points needed to start building the bot.

Analytics & Business Intelligence


Chatbots also mean processed data. We used analytics to increase Chatbot performance, and more important, to extract consumer, product and market insights for sales, support or innovation departments.

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Empathic Artificial intelligence and apps that help us discover new things and manager our daily tasks, time and workspace better


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