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AI firm building technology for complex conversational interfaces (Complex Chatbots), and other stuff like empathic AI, affinity networks, smart virtual community managers or Autonomous Agents inspired in real people's personality. Customer care
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We’re ready! Check our campaign on:

Finally, the day is about to come. After the success of the last 45-day crowdfunding, closed in 6 days with 63 investors from 12 countries, Commons will release the second and last crowdfunding campaign, on this next Monday 15th of February.

There you will meet Raymond, Mark and Cerise. They will explain what Commons is doing, why we do it and how we are creating great humanized artificial intelligence and our boutique app. We are really excited with everything ahead of us and proud of the final result.



We encourage you to visit us, thank you very much for all of your support!


The Commons Team

We’re ready! Check our campaign on:



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