Commons | *Innovation lab
AI firm building technology for complex conversational interfaces (Complex Chatbots), and other stuff like empathic AI, affinity networks, smart virtual community managers or Autonomous Agents inspired in real people's personality. Customer care
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Innovation lab

We love innovation. Other development lines:

Virtual Community Management: Brands can target and interact better and deeper with their communities by using our empathic Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous Agents for content recommendation: AI that measures affinity, based on lifestyle and interests, to bring a new level of content recommendation based on collective influencer networks

Virtual assistant: an AI with your personality that finds, scrolls and reads articles and news from the whole internet for you


iOS apps developed by Commons:

Commons: The value of a network resides on the value of the people you find in it. That’s why Commons suggests you like-minded people on more than 40 services like Spotify or Pinterest

Recom: Find music, restaurants, fashion or articles based on how and who you are, by sharing word of mouth recommendations with similar people you should know

Handle: Our tech helps individuals who are blind or visually impaired to access new contents and articles all over the internet by using an Artificial Intelligence based on their personality

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