Commons | Chatbots need to think before they speak Sep 2017
AI firm building technology for complex conversational interfaces (Complex Chatbots), and other stuff like empathic AI, affinity networks, smart virtual community managers or Autonomous Agents inspired in real people's personality. Customer care
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Artificial Intelligence

Boutique & Technology

Sensible Innovation

We realistically understand what your bots should be, what will actually be and why you, your customers, community or employees need them. Our tech and methodology is based on that simple principle. That’s why we develop bots that can be 4x more “human” while being 20x faster than any other agency worldwide.

Customer Care, by CommonsTailor Made ProjectsCommunity Engagement (Coming Soon)


A conversation without it’s context is like a car without steering wheel. Commons Bot Platform is an Intelligence Management System with a unique reasoning engine and a platform where simple and context-based bots can be easily created and upgraded.

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A recommended Bot

A Bot that recommends local, restaurants and leisure plans

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A Bot that answers doubts

A Bot that assists you during setup of your New Golf

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Customer Care Bot

This Bot replaces the Customer Care during non-working
hours (available 18:00 – 09:00)

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Con la Ayuda del Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, programa estatal de promoción del talento y su empleabilidad, incluido en el plan estatal de investigación científica, técnica y de innovación 2013-2016.

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